Monday, 24 May 2010

Nas Says There’s No Such Thing as the Greatest Rapper of All Times

There has been an ongoing debate for years in regards to who exactly is the greatest rapper of all times. In the past, people have questioned artists like Jay-Zand Lil Wayne who claim to hold that title. In a recent VIBE interview, Hip-Hop veteran Nas said that there is no emcee that can be considered the best. “There is no best or greatest MC. Should never happen, doesn’t make sense,” he said in a blog post. “It makes sense temporarily when you’re striving to be number one. It makes sense for [the fans] to see that, but you have a long run to be the greatest. To me, people already felt like they were [the greatest] in more ways than they should have and I think that hurt them. There is no greatest of all time. We won’t know that until we’re 60 years old. I think there will be like four to five great ones at the end of the day, but there will be none that’s greater than the other. Impossible…[Jay-Z] is the one that smacks everybody in the face that’s out there and wanted to say what he wasn’t and what he couldn’t do. The challenge is that people always count you out and even when you have a hit record and put out a hit album, you’re gonna have people dissing you. I think he’s showing you: I won’t be stopped ever. And that’s motivation for everyone else.” 

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Christina Aguilera & Eminem to appear on Jonathan Ross together

For those of you who don't live in the U.K might not have heard of Jonathon Ross before, your not missing much, he is an irritating ugly Nicolas Cage look alike  with a speech impediment, however he hosts one of the biggest chat shows here in the UK which attracts some of the biggest names in entertainment, and Friday 4th of June is no exception, Ross is joined by tennis star Andy Roddick, hip-hop icon LL Cool J, and there's chat and music from Christina Aguilera. Plus an additional music performance from Eminem.

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last few years you will know of the history between Eminem and Christina. The beef started in In 1999, in an MTV episode called "What a Girl Wants" Christina spoke out against Eminem's song that glorified violence against women. Eminem heard about this and wrote a diss song about Christina (and lots of other stars including Britney Spears). This "feud" went on for several years until during a backstage meeting at the 2002 Video Music Awards, Christina and Eminem had a chat where Eminem apologized for the diss song and Christina hugged him.

The Jonathon Ross show will be the first time Em and Christina have been seen together in public, and Jonathon will be there to make light of any awkwardness and make sure no old wounds are opened, or will he open them right up and pour salt in to them, tune in to BBC1 10.35

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Sauce Kid Vs Nas – Thin Line Between Opinion And Disrespect

Outspoken Storm recording artiste Sauce Kid recently caused a stir on the internet when his disparaging remarks about American rapper, Nas landed him in hot water with the legendary rapper’s fans and hip-hop heads alike.

Comparing the Queens emcee’s recent body of work to his more critically (and commercially) acclaimed albums back in the 90’s, the rapper (himself most popular for his ’07 hit Yebariba Samboribo), bared his mind on the quality of Nas’ recent output.

Sauce Kid then went on to compare the Illmatic emcee’s legacy with his old foe Jay Z’s, pointing out that while nearly all the latter’s albums have been considered hip-hop classics, Nas has struggled to match up with the quality of his 1994 classic album Illmatic, adding that Nas’ music lost relevancy all together at the turn of the new millennium.

Sauce suspects Mr Jones might have expended so much energy in wrestling Jay Z to the ground in their lyrical heavyweight match of the early 2000s that when the victory bell was finally sounded, Nas simply had nothing more left in the tank.

To make matters even more interesting, Sauce Kid who is currently basking in the interest his Don Jazzy-produced single Under G has helped generate for his eternally-delayed debut album African American, openly boasted that if he and Nasty Nas were ever to be featured on the same record he’d give Nas a lyrical hiding.

Narcissistic he may be, but Sauce still thinks very highly of another emcee beside himself, his name’s is Ghetto P.  Ghetto is a Nigerian rapper and long time collaborator who Sauce featured on the hit single Yebariba Sanboribobo. Sauce Kid named Ghetto P as one of his Top 5 rappers, alongside rappers like Juelz Santana, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross in world hip-hop at the moment.

Not done with airing his unpopular opinions, Sauce Kid openly voiced his admiration for Young money rapper Tyga’s music, going as far as comparing it with Nasir Jones’. ‘Nas doesn’t rhyme well, Tyga flows better’, he said.

From that moment on, Sauce Kid became a breathing tweeting target and everybody and their mother, just took aim at him and fired. At first the humorous rapper took it in his stride, barely breaking sweat while returning fire at what seemed like every Nigerian old school hip-hop fan on twitter. But ultimately, all the bile in the air became too caustic for one man’s body to handle. The rapper with a tough exterior and tattoos for arms showed vulnerability for once, cracking and threatening to get off twitter for good.

Fortunately for his followers, Sauce Kid never came good on his threat and all is well once again in twitville, it’s almost as if nothing had happened. But many have been examining the debris left behind at the spot where it all went down and numerous issues have been raised.

So I ask – does Sauce Kid have a right to an opinion about Nasir Jones? Why, of course he does. I do, you do, and everybody does.  But in a competitive and super aggressive genre of music  like hip-hop, the moment an artiste decides to stick his neck out the window and go against one of his kind, he simply cannot complain when he gets shot and is left to bleed, lyrically. At either rate, a career built on a foundation of controversy will only last so many battles. Those who live by the sword… but I guess beef is really just a part of the game.

There is a thin line between simply airing your opinions and being downright disrespectful. What started out as Sauce Kid airing his views on a subject quickly escalated into disrespect for Nas and his legacy. This won’t be the first time the self-proclaimed ex-gang member would use his Blackberry as a weapon of sorts and his short caustic messages as cyber bullets either. And you know what? Something tells me that this won’t be the last, as well.

By Chiagoziem Onyekwena

Monday, 17 May 2010


Since the untimely death of Rap Kings 2pac and Biggie, Rap has never been the same, it is not as hardcore these days, and in a bad time for hip hop people like Nas were holding the ship steady, then DMX came along and he brought the hardcore rawness back with him.

Right from the start DMX set a high bench mark, his music was very popular with all hardcore rap fans, he even released two albums in one year, people started to dub him as the next 2pac, despite them having very different styles.

DMX didn't mess about, he rose quickly to the top, to be joined by his old friend Ja Rule. Ja was very popular in his own right but many people did doubt weather he would of achieved such a lofty status if it wasn't for Dmx and Jay-Z. Ja did however become more popular than DMX, when this happened X started to diss his old friend.

In turn for being dissed by X, Ja told the world how X was a drug addict, this was very damaging for X, at the time he had a serious reputation, many people respected him. Things eventually cooled off and 50 then started to beef with Ja, Ja lost all credibility and the beef with X was soon forgotten by all, Dmx still has a rep as one of the hardest rappers.

He returned with his Year of the Dog, album, it was clear that DMX had problems that go far beyond his bi-polar disorder. The next year, Ja Rule was promoting his new album and he publicly mentioned the addiction that DMX had to crack. Ever since 2008, the drugs have gotten DMX into trouble with the law and he is currently serving prison time in Arizona. But, DMX has been working on his latest album, which should come out sometime this year or next year. The album is the first of a round of new albums to come out from the Ruff Ryders' label.

One thing for sure is that DMX is ready to reclaim the position that he held some ten years ago as the most-feared man in hip hop.

Sunday, 16 May 2010


Rapper Anerae Brown aka "X-Raided" received multiple stab wounds at an attack at Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga CA, at number of inmates at are facing charges of attempted murder charges for. stated that, the prison incident report says that "X-Raided" was stabbed and sliced seven times in a prison yard bust up. The incident escalated into racially motivated a riot between black and Mexican inmates.

One report stated that he was attacked near the basketball court by inmates identified as "known Northern Rider affiliates," former members of Northern Mexican prison gang XIV.

Brown is recovering in hospital, where it was discovered that the attack was carried out with a State-issued toothbrush with eight razor blades melted into it. Brown was found to be the victim, therefore will face no charges.

"They wanted him to produce and release their rap album," said Brown's lawyer, the attack was carried out by two inmates who are serving life without the possibility of parole. When Brown who oversees his Bloc Star Entertainment label, refused, then the plan to attack was hatched.

Currently, Brown is in solitary confinement awaiting transfer.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Maino On The Eminem “Not Afraid” Controversy.

Maino sat down with DJ Vlad and explained that there was in fact to beef whatsoever with Eminem & amp; Boi-1da over the “Not Afraid” instrumental. He went on to say that It is basically a case of two different artists having the same beat and Em just so happened to move forward with the instrumental faster than Maino.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Nas Erykah Badu & Talib Kweli Speak on Jay Electronica

With the likes of Nicki Minaj and Drake both signed to major record labels and soon to drop their debut LPs, you could state a good claim to Jay Electronica being hip-hop's hottest free agent.

He is certainly no rookie, he has a rapidly expanding fan base due to the realise of quality mix tapes. Still buzzin' off off his guest appearance on Reflection Eternal's "Just Begun" with Mos Def and J. Cole, his own "Exhibit C" produced by Just Blaze and the well publicized recently released "The Ghost of Christopher Wallace" featuring Diddy, he has never held such a high position in the Hip-Hop ranks.
The only one restraint is the project he owes to "Deacon Records", but barring that Jay Elect is essentially a free agent.The Hip-Hop world eagerly awaits his freshman LP,  his biggest cosigners were bigging him up to

"Jay Electronica is a free agent, but Control Freaq Records is a label that allows artists to use its and my brand, Erykah Badu’s platform to move in the direction that they wanna move in," Badu told "So my label is not a binding contract, but it’s another statement and our statement is freeing the slaves from the slave masters, meaning the music slaves from the masters, they convert back to the artists. They belong to them, so that’s what Control Freaq Records is about and yea, he’s a part of that movement."
Jay's made such an impression on Nas that the Queens MC had him produce "Queens Get the Money" on his 2008 "Untitled" album.
"I like Jay Electronica," Nas offered. "He seems to be a little bit older than a lot of the new guys so he’s gon come with a lot more information. Where his head’s at is in a great place and the music that he’s making is gon bring  a lot to the table, a lot of good energy."
Talib Kweli shared Nas' sentiment.