Monday, 17 May 2010


Since the untimely death of Rap Kings 2pac and Biggie, Rap has never been the same, it is not as hardcore these days, and in a bad time for hip hop people like Nas were holding the ship steady, then DMX came along and he brought the hardcore rawness back with him.

Right from the start DMX set a high bench mark, his music was very popular with all hardcore rap fans, he even released two albums in one year, people started to dub him as the next 2pac, despite them having very different styles.

DMX didn't mess about, he rose quickly to the top, to be joined by his old friend Ja Rule. Ja was very popular in his own right but many people did doubt weather he would of achieved such a lofty status if it wasn't for Dmx and Jay-Z. Ja did however become more popular than DMX, when this happened X started to diss his old friend.

In turn for being dissed by X, Ja told the world how X was a drug addict, this was very damaging for X, at the time he had a serious reputation, many people respected him. Things eventually cooled off and 50 then started to beef with Ja, Ja lost all credibility and the beef with X was soon forgotten by all, Dmx still has a rep as one of the hardest rappers.

He returned with his Year of the Dog, album, it was clear that DMX had problems that go far beyond his bi-polar disorder. The next year, Ja Rule was promoting his new album and he publicly mentioned the addiction that DMX had to crack. Ever since 2008, the drugs have gotten DMX into trouble with the law and he is currently serving prison time in Arizona. But, DMX has been working on his latest album, which should come out sometime this year or next year. The album is the first of a round of new albums to come out from the Ruff Ryders' label.

One thing for sure is that DMX is ready to reclaim the position that he held some ten years ago as the most-feared man in hip hop.


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crack dog!!